Thursday, 23 April 2015

These books help keeping her tummy full and my sanity intact!

A full Little B is a happy Little B, which automatically means more peace for everyone =)
Sometimes it seems like my ultimate goal throughout the day is to keep her belly full. 

Distraction is key to get her to eat her food. I usually read something to her and some books keeps her attention way longer than others. Little B got a book called "That's not my tiger" a couple of months ago from her granny and she loves it still.  Since then I've gotten two more; "That's not my fairy" and "That's not my piglet". They are written by Fiona Watts and Illustrated by Rachel Wells,

Touchy-feely baby books
Books by Fiona Watts & Rachel Wells

What's good about them is that she can touch the different textures of the pictures, like the tiger's fluffy ears or the fairy's bumpy shoes.

Little B loves her books

They are also very colourful and durable! The tiger book has been licked, drooled on, food droppings have been smudged all over the pages, it has survived a trip to Cuba where it got covered with sand and the fatty stains of sunscreen lotion . And looks good. Wish I could say the same about myself after months of sleep deprivation or binge drinking tequila (kidding I don't do that anymore).

Anyhow, I got the books from Babies R Us and They also have a website for more information,

Happy World Book Day!

Little B's mom

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